About Us

Roger and Carrie in 1985

Founded in 1983 by Roger Blondin, Premier Containers (1983) Inc. is a packaging company focused creating products to help you stand out from your competition.

Roger noticed that packaging was costing businesses too much time and they were spending too much money. He knew that he could solve this problem by creating a bag that didn't stretch, and wouldn't fit more than it was supposed to, no matter how hard you tried.


Fast forward to today, Carrie, Roger's daughter, has taken on the lead and is calling herself The Apple Bag Lady. She is shifting the business to a more modern, eco-friendly approach to packaging designed to make your customers fall in love.

We know that many people consider packaging an afterthought, but strongly believe that with the right marketing on your packaging, it will pay itself off when people do a double take to see where that persons bag came from.

Premier Containers (1983) Inc. provides all types of packaging; baskets, different types of bags, sippy cups, and more, be sure to check out our product page to see how our packaging can help you stand out from your competition.