Unique Patch Handle Benefits

So Pickin Easy!

It's not Just a Bag it's a System:

  • Make a Separate Entrance for "Pick Your Own"
  • Can be small but inviting
  • Set Standard Price for Entry and Picking 
  • Fill and display 2 separate size bags and let customer choose their right pickin size
  • Increase yield on crop with our Unique Non Stretchable Flagship Bag
  • Very little handling required
  • Upon exit send them through your market for final purchases.


  • Weighing NO longer required
  • Allows precise volume every pickin time
  • Very Successful design for the biggest "Pick your Own" Apple orchards in Canada
  • Proudly Made in Canada not overseas keeping you carbon footprint low. 
  • Highest quality every time. 
  • Original design by my Dad 31 years ago.
  • Doesn't Leak allowing picking for cherries.


  • Easy to implement. 
  • Allowing you a guaranteed min sale-$12-$30/bag for a 1Peck/10lb Bag
  • Creates Easy Traffic Flow
  • Allows you to Charge customers on their way relieving long-slow lineups
  • Reduces Staff fatigue during busy season *key to staff retention

Brand your Logo on bag

Pick your Own Custom Printed